Appreciating Our Local Front Line Workers

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Appreciating Our Local Front Line Workers

Gift bag and contentsCabbagetown volunteers are organizing a community purchase of FRONT LINE 2020 Care Bags, containing a select number of Canadian made items, including a non-medical face mask and sanitizer. The bags are supplied by a local East End business.

The idea is to deliver these bags to staff that work in Cabbagetown retail and restaurants businesses. Think of all our grocery cashiers and shelf stockers, pharmacy store workers, corner store and pet shops owners, gas station attendants, butchers and bakers,  as well as all the local restaurants that stayed open for pick up/delivery.

It’s a great way for Cabbagetown residents to say thank you to these front line workers for being there for us, throughout these trying times. These people don’t have the luxury of working from home, so they come in to work every day to help make sure we stay healthy and well fed.

If you’d like to be a part of this community movement to show appreciation to Cabbagetown’s own Front Line workers, bags can be purchased online from

Be sure to type in “Cabbagetown” on the gift tag option at check-out, and your bag will be added to the community total. Select “Local Pick” up as well and the bags will be delivered at no charge.

All bags purchased will be collected and distributed to local businesses by volunteers.

The goal is to get these bags into the Front Line businesses operating on Parliament Street from Wellesley South to Gerrard St.

Any questions feel free to contact lead organizer: Shawna Pereira

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