Another Cabbagetown heritage district under consideration

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Another Cabbagetown heritage district under consideration

The city heritage study of what’s being called “Cabbagetown Southwest” in launching in April.

The Cabbagetown Southwest Heritage Conservation District Study was prioritized by City Council in March 2015. The study, run under the auspices of the City Planning Division, will “provide an overall understanding of the area’s history and heritage character and to determine if designation as a heritage conservation district would be an appropriate heritage planning tool for the area.”

The area is bound by Sherbourne Street to the west, Carlton Street to the north, Parliament Street to the east and Shuter Street to the south.

The study is being undertaken by a project team led by EVOQ Architecture (heritage architects) with Urban Strategies Inc. (planning consultants) and LURA (facilitators) to prepare the study report.

The study will include a comprehensive property inventory, historical research, character analysis, evaluation of the area’s heritage value, and review of the area’s existing planning framework. The study process includes two public meetings, as well as the convening of a community advisory group to provide specific and detailed feedback on research, analysis and recommendations.

Read all the details about the project and learn how you can participate.

2 replies on “Another Cabbagetown heritage district under consideration”

Those who live in this area should keep in mind that by the area becoming heritage it can negatively affect your resale value as future purchasers will have difficulty obtaining home insurance as the Insurance companies do not insure heritage Homes too easily.


Sounds like fearmongering – I’m not sure that prices east of Parliament have exactly fallen off a cliff…

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