Anniversary Park Pilot Project


Anniversary Park Pilot Project

Some interesting information to share from the Cabbagetown BIA related to Anniversary Park at Parliament and Gerrard Streets.

BIA Executive Director, David Blackmore, VP Daniels Corp, Remo Agostini and BIA Chair Frank Bernardo recently met to discuss redevelopment plans for Anniversary Park at the corner of Parliament and Gerrard at the suggestion of Councillor Pam McConnell.

Phase 3 of Regent Park will be complete in the next 2 to 4 years and the park could play a major role in establishing a natural corridor to the Cabbagetown BIA main street and compliment the new development on the South east side.

A pilot project which would temporarily cordon traffic and animate the park would help determine the feasibility of developing the park. This is an idea we are exploring.

The BIA is in discussions with City Economic Development and would like to hear from community groups as to how best use the park during the pilot.

The BIA will be updating it’s preliminary streetscape design from 2009.

For more information contact David at the BIA

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