And the Cabbagetown Holiday Lights Contest 2017 winners are …

It was a tight race to the finish, but we have our winners for 2017!

First place, below, with 300 votes is Spruce 1: Paul and Thea Sywulych.

Second place, below, with 246 votes is Amelia 3: Richard Latch.

Third place, below, with 70 votes is Sackville/Spruce 1: Michael Smith.

Volunteer event organizer and CRA board director Tyler Fleming says “we had great participation: almost double the number of votes vs last year (808 vs 423 on the online voting site), and lots of positive feedback. All the photos really showed Cabbagetown well.”

So get out there and enjoy an evening walk to see all the winners! These three yards are now marked with Holiday Lights winner signs.

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