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The Cabbagetown Survey conducted in the fall of 2013 by the Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA), was designed to give the community a voice in guiding the efforts and agenda of the CRA board for the next couple of years.  The survey was open to all residents of Cabbagetown and was accessible through our website, www.cabbagetowner.com.

The survey was completed by 200 respondents and there were more than 200 open comments submitted in addition to completing the survey. A big part of community is communication. As your CRA board we want to share the results of the survey with you in its entirety and we want to be transparent on where the concerns are within our community and demonstrate the rationale for our future efforts. The survey is a starting point. In the coming year, we will take the results of the major sections of the survey and share some of the comments that were included as well as our plans for addressing the topics that require action. In some cases, this will require discussions with stakeholders including external agencies and city representatives. All of this will help to improve our neighbourhood and guide us, working along with residents, in enhancing our living experience in this great community.

The full results* are available here:

2013 Cabbagetown Survey Response Data (PDF – 532kb)
*Comments are not displayed because they were provided confidentially. As we address each issue in the coming months, we will share comments in an anonymous format.

This infographic shows some of the highlights of the survey

(click to see the full size version – PDF 1.4 MB):

CRA Survey Infographic

Summary of Survey

Many themes were present in the results, but here is a general summary of what you told us:

Cabbagetowners have a strong affinity to our community, its amenities and cultural activities offered throughout the year.  We love our farm. Our three biggest challenges living in Cabbagetown were the quality of stores and businesses, crime and parking/traffic.  Even though crime was scored as a significant challenge generally, residents feel safe in Cabbagetown (Safety had a score of 88% satisfaction rate during the day and 75% during the night). We are very concerned about trees in Cabbagetown and conserving our canopy. There is strong displeasure about the issues of inadequate snow removal and racoons.

On other issues, our views seem to be divided. Half of us think that parking is a problem while half do not. As well, we don’t seem to be in agreement with who is responsible for laneway maintenance or whether film crews in the neighbourhood are desirable. Many residents are aware that the Residents Association organises the Forsythia Festival (78%) and Pumpkin Walk (71%). Many residents incorrectly believed that we run other events in the community, and although we do help to support those groups – credit is due to the Cabbagetown Business Improvement Area (Blair’s Run, Cabbagetown Festival), the Cabbagetown Preservation Association (Tour of Homes) and Randy Brown (Art In The Park).

Here are a few more interesting results:
Half of respondents (98 or 49.75%) were men and half (99 or 50.25%) women (3 people chose not to answer)
Nearly half of all respondents (47.72%), are current members of the CRA
26% of respondents have lived in Cabbagetown for 21 years or more
26% of respondents have lived in Cabbagetown for 5 years or fewer
88% feel safe in Cabbagetown during the day
75% feel safe in Cabbagetown during the night
50% feel parking is problematic
23% of respondents work from home
53% of respondents walk to work
83% have a strong sense of home and community in Cabbagetown
88% of respondents strongly agree that Riverdale Farm enhances living in Cabbagetown
64% are strongly concerned about the loss of trees in Cabbagetown (and this survey was completed before the ice storm)

Here’s our schedule for addressing issues:
Wildlife: April
Public Spaces / Tree Canopy: May
Safety / Security: June
Parking (incl. Film Crews): July
Children / Schooling: August
Cabbagetown as Tourist Destination: September
Garbage Collection / Compost: October
Streets / Pathway / Sidewalk Maintenance (incl. snow removal): November
Activities and Awareness of CRA Events: TBD

Thank you again for participating in the survey.

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