Coyote In Cabbagetown

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Coyote In Cabbagetown

Doug Fisher has written on his weekly blog that he spotted a coyote earlier this week, in the middle of the night, behind his house near Wellesley Street East and Sackville Street.

Coyotes are occasionally seen in the neighbourhood as these other stories illustrate:
Coyote struck by car in Cabbagetown prompts warning from police ( – January 2016)
Coyote killed after roaming into Cabbagetown ( – February 2013)

The shooting of the coyote by police in 2013 was seen by some as unnecessary, and opinions on that particular incident were mixed.
Coyote shooting in Cabbagetown was unnecessary, experts say ( – February 2013)

Toronto Animal Services has an online form for residents to report coyote sightings. If you feel that someone is in immediate danger, you are advised to call 911.

Report A Coyote Sighting (

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