2nd Annual Cabbagetown Pumpkin Walk


2nd Annual Cabbagetown Pumpkin Walk

Everyone seemed to have such a fun time last year, we decided we had to do it again! Bring out your Hallowe’en pumpkins for the 2nd Annual Cabbagetown Pumpkin Walk and admire your fellow residents’ creativity and skill!

2nd Annual Pumpkin Walk Flyer

2nd Annual Cabbagetown Pumpkin Walk
Join us November 1st 2014 in Riverdale Park West with your hallowe’en pumpkins and light up the night with your spooky creations.

5 pm – 10 pm
Kids (and adults) are encouraged to dress up in their costumes (why limit yourself to only one night per year…?)

Bring candles to illuminate your pumpkin. Pumpkins will be disposed of by the City of Toronto the following day. The Daily Bread Food Bank will be accepting non-perishable food donations at the Winchester street entrance.

See you there!

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