233 Carlton Street Community Forum – Jan. 21st. 2020

Safety and Security

233 Carlton Street Community Forum – Jan. 21st. 2020

The City circulated a flyer to Cabbagetown residents this week, containing details of a Community Forum, planned for January 21, at 5-8 pm. Location: Cabbagetown Youth Centre, 2 Lancaster Avenue. In case you missed it coming through your mailbox, here’s a copy :

233 Community Forum Flyer

In the discussions with City consultants before the holidays, the CRA, along with local residents associations, the BIA and the CPA recommended that, first and foremost, any such meeting should focus on bringing residents up to speed on where things are at with this project, most specifically:

  • Sharing the details of the end to end engagement process – what’s happened so far, where it’s at now, what will happen next
  • Sharing their understanding of all the feedback they have received to date – especially residents’ concerns about safety and security
  • Explain what steps the City/SSHA plans to take to address all the concerns that have already been communicated to them.

The City has chosen to take a hybrid approach, more closely aligned with their existing community engagement playbook. Notwithstanding this, we strongly encourage you to attend this session, as it will provide a welcome forum for residents to:

  • Talk one on one with the City’s Shelter Support and Housing Administration Division and Women’s Resource Centre staff
  • Share your concerns and your ideas on community safety, service planning and community engagement

After the forum all the ideas and concerns raised by attendees will be compiled by the City to help inform the future of the service and will be shared back with the community.

Please share details of this event with interested friends and neighbours in Cabbagetown.

6 replies on “233 Carlton Street Community Forum – Jan. 21st. 2020”

The community should have been consulted, even though you say that the city is not obliged to do so. This area has more than it’s share of shelters and public housing. This intersection is just starting to have a few decent retailers and street life. I am not a nimby, however this is a poor decision for a struggling part of the city with more than it’s share of shelters / public housing and social services. Please give Cabbagetown a break on this one and relocate the shelter elsewhere. The lease commitment that you have made could be occupied by a daycare / city offices / shared office space / or other community service rather than another shelter. I will be surprised if the new restaurant a few doors east of this location will survive – they have spent 6 months renovating it and now it will be adjacent to a shelter 🙁 Just because you weren’t obligated to engage the community beforehand does not mean that you should not have done so out of respect and sense of community.

Thanks for your comments. It is certainly the case that Ward 13 carries the lions share of this type of community service, compared to other wards. The CRA also feel that proper consultation should have been executed but the city has been very firm on this point. They are not obliged to do it, so they don’t do it. Their consultants have also confirmed that continuing to try and oppose the location of this respite centre at 233 Carlton Street is a non-starter. So your best option is to come to the City information session and let your concerns be heard

Personally, I think it’s terrific that the city is responding to the needs of our community by bringing a drop-in centre to this area. I live about two blocks from the new location, and would be glad to see more resources for women in this area. I think this will be a positive development that adds to the safety of our streets and our community, and I know that giving women safe spaces and resources is key to strong communities and assisting women to get out of bad situations and back on their feet.

I’m afraid that I don’t agree that it will have a negative impact on businesses, because I see no evidence to support that idea; I think the more negative impact is the speed and volume of traffic on both Carleton and Parliament, which makes the intersection feel dangerous for pedestrians and deters them from shopping in the area. If you’re concerned about the businesses in the area, that’s really the thing that makes it hard to thrive.

Hi Sandra, my bad. It’s included in the flyer that is n=linked from this post. i just assumed everyone would open it, clearly that was niot a good assumption. It is being held at the Cabbagetown Youth Centre, 2 Lancaster avaenue – behind the Beer Store on Parliament

Rgds Sean O’Donovan

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