2014 Forsythia Festival – Spring Showed Up!


2014 Forsythia Festival – Spring Showed Up!

In what has become a tradition of sorts on its own, beautiful weather arrived and stayed for the day to help make this year’s Forsythia Festival one of the best yet. Hundreds of residents (and wannabe residents!) attended the event and enjoyed a fun day of face-painting, pony rides, donut “bobbing” and other activities. The march got off to an early start when people couldn’t wait to get moving, and hundreds of people then spent the day enjoying live music, eating and drinking in the beer garden, watching martial arts exhibitions or just chatting with friends and neighbours.

A special thank you to the many people who volunteered their time leading up to and on the day – and to the many local businesses that contributed products and their time in order to make it a great day.

We’re gathering up photos, and will set up a gallery in the next few weeks.

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